About Us

When creating the concept of The Co-, we realised that there was one fundamental message we wanted to portray, that together as a Co-mmunity we really can make a difference and promote social good.

We saw the opportunity to challenge the way communities traditionally fundraise and give back….AND all the while creating something unique and treasured.

The Co- will help us Co-nnect, Co-llaborate and create a sense of Co-mmunity while we enjoy this fundraising adventure together.


The people behind The Co- Australia

Jacqui is the brains behind anything and everything to do with products, development, creation and research. She has a wealth of manufacturing and printing industry experience which she has gained through owing her own successful business.


Trish brings a HUGE wealth of knowledge to all things design, branding and marketing. With an extensive design portfolio and graphic design career behind her, Trish's expertise has seen The Co-website creation and branding come to life... and she is in her element spreading the word about The Co-.


Robyn is the numbers and words wizz. She is our ‘dot the I’s and cross the T’s’ lady and there is no-one we trust more. She is a Chartered Accountant with an amazing 25 years experience so we can all be assured that we're in good hands.


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