How to make your face mask more comfortable

How to make your face mask more comfortable

Since mask wearing has now become common practice it is really important to make sure they are comfortable to wear.

There is no magic pattern that is one size fits all given how unique our head sizes are and our individual requirements.

So to help you out, below are some quick easy adjustments to make your mask, 100% you.


Mask too tight:

If you have found behind your ears hurting then the elastic on your mask is too tight and the loops are too small.


Add some new, longer ear loops.

You can replace the current elastic with new pieces of elastic.

longer ear loops

  1. Grab a pair of scissors, cut the current elastic and remove it from the casing
  2. Cut 2 pieces of elastic, longer than the ones you removed, and thread them through the casing
  3. Find the right loop size and tie a knot to secure (do this loosely at first in case you need to make some adjustments and need to untie the knot)
  4. Rotate the loop around so the knot is hidden inside the casing

 In this example we have used hat elastic which is available at some supermarkets, variety stores, or fabric stores

HOT TIP - Your old disposable masks have excellent elastic which you can cut off and use and you are recycling which you are at it! (give it a wash in warm soapy water first)


Mask too loose:

If your mask is too floppy on your face then it is most likely too loose and you may need to make the ear loops smaller.


Make the ear loops smaller

  1. Rotate the ear loops until the knot is showing
  2. Undo the knot
  3. Re-knot to a smaller ear loop size

If you’d prefer you can also cut the elastic out and add some new elastic in a smaller size 


Transform to wear looped behind your head:

Perhaps you are not a fan of how the mask feels behind your ears and you would prefer it to loop around the back of your head.

This way of wearing masks might also be helpful for people who wear hearing aids.




Option a) - extra length

longer at back

  1. Grab a piece of elastic, a fabric tie or some string
  2. Secure it to one ear loop
  3. Size it to your fit
  4. Secure to the other ear loop



Option b) - replace elastic with ties

2 x Equal pieces of string or ties
Paper clip (optional and helpful)

 how to add ties to mask

  1. Cut the elastic and remove
  2. Thread the ties through the casing. Looping the end through a paper clip and using that to thread will help the process
  3. Do the same on the other side



Option c) - Mask extender

There is a mask accessory called a ‘mask extender’ or ‘ear saver’ which you can easily make yourself

Felt ( or similar)
2 buttons

 mask extender

  1. Cut the felt into a rectangle shape with rounded corners. Make it an appropriate size to fit your head (see image for guidance on shape)
  2. Attach the buttons at either end of the rectangle shapes
  3. Loop your ear loops to the buttons



Option d) - Fabric headband or cap

The above method of adding buttons to hold the ear loops works with caps and fabric headbands too.

2 x buttons
Fabric headband or cap

 face mask cap headband

  1. Put the headband or cap on and mark where the buttons should go
  2. Stitch the buttons in place
  3. Now loop your mask to that instead of your ears

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