Household items as filters for fabric masks

Household items as filters for fabric masks

Our Masks are made to include an inner pocket which is specifically designed for a filter. Without a filter they are 2 layers of breathable 100% cotton fabric.

It is recommended to include a 3rd layer in the form of a ‘filter’.

You can purchase commercial filters, however, there are times when availability of such items is on high demand so we have provided a list of substitutes that are readily available household items.


These items can be easily sized to fit any fabric mask and effortlessly replaced after each use.

Household items include:
  • Coffee filters
  • Paper towel
  • Toilet paper

Please note:
It is recommended to wear a mask with 3 layers, however, additional layers or doubling up on filters resulting in too many layers and a thicker filter may make it hard to breathe.


Lastly be sure to take the filter out before washing.


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